Self Evaluation Post

Throughout the blogging challenge I have took part and participated in a total of eighteen blogs including this one. A few posts in the beginning were school based, and the rest of my posts were for the challenge. I received a lot of comments from my tech teacher notifying me of mistakes and how I’m doing in the challenge. I received only two from people cross seas, and one from one of my classmates. None of my posts received more comments than another. I did change my blog theme once because my first was pretty bland, so I wanted something unique and that represented me more than a plain ol’ white background. I only have a few widgets. I think the widgets I have are just fine. I didn’t want my blog to be over populated by widgets. All of the students on my blog roll are from overseas.























Week 7: Creativity

Creativity. The word isn’t given enough credit. Although people do over use it. Making it as if it isn’t something pure and beautiful to all eyes. Just another way  for your art teacher to grade you. To me I believe the simplest things are truly creative. Thoughts, in which run through all of our minds, drawings given to us by our younger siblings, or sent to us by our relatives in a different state. An outfit, make-up, cooking, the way you set the food on your plate, the way you look at someone, your expressions, the way you compete, the way you win the game. Creativity isn’t looked at correctly by everyone. It isn’t always something that can be seen. Yeah, it is art. But, it doesn’t always have to be sculpted or painted to be art.

Week Six: Enjoyable Volunteer Work

There are many ways an individual could help someone else in need. I wish I got around to it more often because it is something important to realize in life, knowing there is less fortunate people out there. Knowing you don’t have it that rough. That in fact you’re  quite blessed to have family around you, food in the pantry and a bed of your own. Getting aggravated about your mom telling you to clean your room or taking your phone away, when there are thousands of people wishing they had a room to clean, having a mom and not having any thoughts in their minds’ about a phone because warmth, shelter and food are things they need much more. Some people don’t have food set on the table for them in the morning after waking up in a bed, in a heated house.  Just the simplest thing could make someones day or change their lives. I have worked at a food pantry with my friend Jordyn. It was an experience I would love to have again. Being there to help someone.

Week five: Adding images and attribution

To add an image you …

  1. Find a picture you want to use, and save it.
  2. Go to your blog and ADD A NEW POST.
  3. Go to the toolbar under the title.
  4. Then you need to click the first icon after UPLOAD/INSERT.
  5. Once you have done that you need to click on SELECT FILES, and select the file you want.
  6. Then, scroll to the bottom and click the ADD TO POST button.
  7. Then, your image will be there!

Week Five: Using Pictures to Improve Your Blog

1: Why should we use images to improve our blogs?

It gives a visual to the reader. Makes it clear to them what you are blogging about.

2: How do you add images to your blog?

Copy and paste.

3: Where do you get your images?

Any website that allows you to use their photos. The way you can find out if you are eligible to use the websites photo is by the copyright.

4: How do you add the attribution?

To site the information/picture you are trying to use, you would copy the URL onto your page. 

Week five: My Spring Break

Yesterday we got back to school from a week off. I enjoyed my days off, sleeping in, hanging out with my friends and not having to worry about any English papers due! Last spring break I was miserable on the couch, eating popsicles. I had gotten my tonsils out. But this spring break I lived it up! I went to fires with my friends, we went to see a movie together and just hung out. Towards the end of the week my cousins and I went down to our lake house for the rest of our spring break. We walked on the beach, did a lot of shopping, we had fun! when we got back we celebrated Easter with my mom’s side of the family. Sunday, we celebrated it with my dad’s. This spring break was a good one:)

Week 4: Make it Global

This week we were administered to write about whatever we wanted to. I thought about it for quite a while because there are so many options I would want to do. I have decided to write about sports. I know it sounds pretty bland but I’m not going to write about the positions and rules of each game or the history. I’m going to write about the difference between teammates and singular. Not everyone plays a sport, but most everyone has a hobby. This just so happens to be mine. Some sports are singular others involve depending on your teammates, relying on them to make the shot, catch the ball, set the ball for you to spike it, or run as fast as they can so when you get the baton your not too far behind the rest of the competitors. I’m not involved in too many singular sports, although on the field or on the court there is a moment in the game where you are alone. Everyone’s eyes are on you. There is no more relying on your teammates, it’s all you. These times in the game, include, staying balanced when you’re on top of that pyramid in nationals, a free throw in basketball or when you jump. When your in softball, your the pitcher and all your team is asking you to do is throw a strike, but sometimes it just isn’t that simple. When the ball is speeding toward you in the outfield, all you can think about is making sure you catch that ball, to make an out when your down 1 in the 7th inning. When you’re up to bat and know you need to make a great hit, and then after when you have to run as fast as your legs can take you to make it to that base. Other sports call for you to always be alone, those athletes are: wrestlers, equestrians, tennis players, gymnasts, and so on. As you can see sports are like life. You can’t always rely on another player, sometimes you have to take the lead for yourself.